Even After A Couple Times, Fight For Your Relationship

love the process of growing with your partner

You've been on and off with your partner.

That's OK. Try again, and this time we'll show you how to succeed.

New research out of the University of Florida suggests on and off couples are actually happier long term than couples who haven't broken up before. Which means the back and forth is well worth the effort.

"As long as your relationship is great in other places, I would absolutely suggest fighting through the difficulties of a relationship rather than giving up. Most relationships end from lying, cheating, money management issues, and lack of intimacy. All of these problems are common and can be tackled, even if they are extreme." says Evelyn Knoxven, relationship psychotherapist and researcher at University of Florida.

"Firstly, you must realize that your partner is a good, quality partner. They have amazing traits, good traits, and bad traits like everyone else. Then, you must stick to a weekly meeting for the first 4 months you get back together, there are no exceptions." says Evelyn. 

"I'm 39, my husband and I have been together since middle school, so we've been through the ringer. From cheating, bouts of addiction, lying, lack of intimacy, you name it. But the weekly meeting is what made our relationship spectacular, it has been ever since." Evelyn adds.

Weekly meetings with your partner, say every Sunday, allow you two to talk about the relationship and how it's fulfilling your needs. It's very necessary and therapeutic.  It enforces the new relationship and brings out the absolute best in each individual. It's a type of behavioral therapy that has immense success rates. "Seriously. Just from the weekly meeting almost all issues go out the window. Partners learn to trust, love, and build stronger connections. As long as you have a strong foundation of love, the on and off again couple will almost always thrive from these meetings and put to rest any issues they've had before."

When should you leave your partner for good? "If they aren't willing to sit down every week and discuss the relationship in a weekly meeting, leave them, they don't love you. But if you tell them the only way you two get back together is if they will commit to a weekly meeting no matter what, and they enthusiastically agree, this is a person that has changed and is willing to put their actions where their mouth is." says Evelyn.

The weekly meeting. Everything you need to do to trust, love, and build your relationship. Your on and off again issues will go away, but your love for each other will grow.