It will never be perfect, make it work anyway.

If you're in a failing relationship or thinking about working things out with an ex partner, this article is for you. Yes, you are going through pain, extraordinary pain. Some days you're OK, some days you're a mess, some days you want to move on, some days you want to put still. There is a reason why this decision is so hard, because it's actually the wrong one.  You should fight for your relationship.

"Scott Disick lied, cheated, gambled, drank too much, and did all the wrong things while with Kourtney. She decided to quit just a bit too early. Now he is in a loving relationship, does not cheat, and is making someone very happy. Meanwhile : Kourtney is alone, has been cheated on twice by the next two men, and is currently a single mom. This is a classic example of giving up too early. Now she's trying to find someone decent, when the guy she was with made the mistakes already to become a greater man." says Dr. Drew.

See, relationships get complicated over devastating reasons. Cheating, addiction, lack of support, lying, constant arguing, and more. Have you been cheated on by your partner with other men or women? Have you been lied to? Maybe you had no support or you argued every day and you are drained. If your partner is committed to being better and they will do whatever is necessary, fight anyway.

Do it for yourself. Do it for the relationship.  Everyone is flawed, everyone has made mistakes. People tend to give up on people too soon or sabotage someones reputation or relationship when they slipped up in life. But if you're going to judge people that hard, you've got a tough future coming.

You have gone through some things with your partner or ex partner. That's OK. Studies show if you were to work it out, your percentage of staying together is higher versus with someone new. Why? Because you went through your problems already. You know what's wrong, you know what to fix, and you know what their / your problems are. There is no guessing. 2 years down the line you won't find out your partner is hiding an addiction problem, you already know this partner so you can make the future how you want it to be.

If you love someone and someone loves you and you're not in an abusive relationship, fight for what you have. We get how devastating the reasons for relationships ending are but guess what, we're just people. 

You are in the present. You are not in the pain of the past. You can choose to be aware, in the moment, and happy with your partner. You can choose to see you two as you are today, and build on that for the rest of your lives.

No one knows what you want and need but you. Don't allow your friends, family, TV,  or outsiders to sway you. Do what's best for you and your partner. Do you, jump back in with your partner or ex partner. A year from now, you'll thank us for writing this article.